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The Autonomous Public Health Care Institution «Republican Clinical Hospital of Rehabilitation Treatment «Center of Oriental medicine»

Basic information

The center of Oriental medicine is the single state medical organization in the Russian Federation providing medical services in hospital conditions based on the integration of knowledge of modern and traditional medicine.

During 30 years of work, we have accumulated vast experience in the complex application of Eastern and modern medicine for the rehabilitation and rehabilitation of our patients. It employs some of the best specialists of the Republic of Buryatia, candidates of medical Sciences and honored doctors of Buryatia and Russia, who have helped to improve the quality of life of many patients from around the world.

More than 3,500 people undergo treatment at our clinic annually. 40% of them are residents of other regions of Russia and foreign citizens.

Clinic Services

The services of our clinic can be obtained inpatiently, on an outpatient basis and in a day hospital.

Main types of diagnostics: Methods of treatment: 
 Pulse diagnosticsComputer pulse diagnosticsReinhold Voll diagnosticsFunctional diagnostics (ECG, spirography, research of vessels, etc.)Supersonic diagnosticsDiagnosis of the musculoskeletal systemAcupunctureHerbal medicineMassageManual therapyBalneotherapyPhysical therapy, qigong, yoga, mud therapyKinesitherapyPhysiotherapyMechano-therapy, including roboticFasting therapy 

How to contact us?

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Our contacts

Russia, Republic of Buryatia
670045, the village of Verkhnyaya Berezovka 11a
email address: cvmed.info@gmail.com